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Deborah Treisman on the Challenge of Identifying the American Short Story

Deborah Treisman, the fiction editor of The New Yorker, discusses the complexities of defining the American short story. She highlights the diversity and multiplicity of the genre in the U.S., which has evolved beyond the traditional narratives associated with classic American authors. The podcast series “The Cosmic Library” explores this theme, featuring various guests who contribute to the conversation about the expansive range of American short fiction and its significance in the literary world.


5 stellar TV series based on award-winning novels

This article from The Week looks at the trend of adapting award-winning novels into television series, highlighting the challenges and successes of such endeavors. It mentions the adaptation of Viet Thanh Nguyen’s novel “The Sympathizer” as a notable example, alongside other successful adaptations like Hulu’s “Normal People” and Apple TV+’s “Foundation.” The piece reflects on how dynamic prose and nuanced characterizations in literature can be effectively translated into the visual storytelling of TV, resulting in memorable and impactful series.


Helen Vendler, a towering presence in poetry criticism, has died

Helen Vendler, a prominent figure in poetry criticism, has passed away at the age of 90. Known for her deep understanding of poetry, Vendler’s impact extended beyond her own work. She recognized that all poets needed what she did to take the next step in their craft. Her legacy as a towering presence in the literary world will continue to inspire poets and critics alike.


Need a poem? How one man cranks out verse − on a typewriter − in a Philadelphia park

In Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square, Marshall James Kavanaugh, a self-described “dream poet for hire,” sets up shop with a manual typewriter. Passersby can request poems on any topic, and Kavanaugh crafts whimsical verses for them. Influenced by Beat poets of the 1950s and ’60s, he aims to inspire others by taking poetry to public spaces. His typewriter’s rhythmic “CLACK CLACK CLACK” adds to the soundtrack of the city square, creating a delightful experience for those seeking spontaneous creativity. Whether it’s a poem for a teenager’s birthday or a prompt like “Sunny,” Kavanaugh’s heartfelt yet unsappy work resonates with visitors, making the park a unique and poetic haven.


Famed NYPD Detective Frank Serpico Immortalized for Younger Generations

BookTrib takes a deep dive into John Pavlovitz’s new book, “Worth Fighting For: Finding Courage & Compassion When Cruelty is Trending.” It emphasizes the need for positivity and empathy in today’s world, marked by toxicity and division. Pavlovitz, a writer, pastor, and activist, shares his insights and essays on various topics, including mental health, faith, and social justice. The book aims to inspire readers to fight for what they believe in and to be a visible and vocal presence against injustice.


14 Most Anticipated Non-Fiction Books Coming Out The Rest Of 2024

ScreenRant’s “14 Most Anticipated Non-Fiction Books Coming Out The Rest Of 2024” highlights a selection of eagerly awaited non-fiction titles set to release in 2024, covering diverse topics from white privilege to mental health and historical events. The list includes works by authors such as Tracie McMillan, Emmett Rensin, and Ghostface Killah, who offer unique perspectives on significant societal issues through their memoirs and research. The article emphasizes the value of non-fiction books in providing knowledge and insights into culture, society, and STEM, and how these upcoming releases promise to engage readers’ curiosity and contribute to important conversations.