Photo of writer Taylor Dibbert and his dog

Three Poems – Taylor Dibbert

Now and Forever

And guide
And best friend,
Both rescued
And rescuer,
His little London
Wore a lot of hats,
He wants
His own
Set of wings
So he
Can see
What his angel
Has been up to,
And to
Give her
A break,
To watch over her
For a
Fleeting moment,
Until she says
Hey dad
Don’t worry,
I still got you,
Now and forever.



There have to be
More expensive mistakes
Than marrying
The wrong person,
But he can’t
Think of any
Right now.


Another Day

He runs
Into the ex
At his local
Coffee shop,
Smiles all around,
Maybe the truth
Will come out
To play
Another day.


Taylor Dibbert is a writer, journalist, and poet in Washington, DC. His poetry has appeared in a variety of outlets, including Terror House Magazine, A Thin Slice of Anxiety, The Rye Whiskey Review, and Mad Swirl. Home Again, Taylor’s debut collection, is due out later this year.