Poetic License - Albany 2023

Talking With Poets: Poetic License – Albany

“Ekphrastic art” is defined as the response of an artist in one medium to a work of art by an artist in another medium. Its more common manifestation is in poetry written about visual art, e.g., paintings, photographs, drawings, sculptures. Poetic License – Albany is a project that turns that around, giving local visual artists an opportunity to respond to the work of poets.

Last year, inspired by a project created by the Poetry Barn in West Hurley, NY & the Arts Society of Kingston (ASK), the Hudson Valley Writers Guild & the Upstate Artists Guild created their version of this project which they called Poetic License – Albany. 113 individual poems were submitted by 62 poets; ultimately, 18 works of visual art were exhibited at the Art Associates Gallery & at Lark Hall in Albany, with 3 readings held in conjunction with the exhibits

Dan Wilcox served as the host for the evening introducing the writers and artists.

This week we will hear from three of those poets – Megeen Mulholland, Charlie Rossiter, and Jennifee – who shared their work on September 28, 2022, at the Arts Associates Gallery.

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