Photo of writers at a table with notebooks and drinks

Call for Workshop Proposals

The Hudson Valley Writers Guild asks members to submit proposals for a writing-related workshop they would lead. The workshop must be free to attend and open to the public. The workshop should occur during the timeframe from September 2023 to December 2024. These should be one-time sessions. The Guild can provide workshop leaders $100 for their time and expenses. The number of workshops that the Guild will approve may be limited. We are looking for a variety of topics, approaches, and hosts.

The proposal should include these details:

  • The topic of the workshop, i.e., memoir, screenwriting, fiction, publishing, etc.
  • The method to be used, i.e., instructional, facilitated discussion, writing in a group setting, etc.
  • What month the workshop will be held. The final date should be approved by the Guild to prevent conflicts.
  • Where the leader plans to hold the workshop. Public libraries are a good source of free space. The workshop leader will be responsible for booking the location.
  • Experience in conducting workshops or if none a statement as to why the individual believes they could conduct one.
  • Name and contact information.

Proposals and questions should be submitted to the Guild at