Kate McNairy

Three Poems – Kate McNairy

The AA Meeting

At nightfall, after the feral cats have had their fill of pigeons,

they sit in the middling of
birch branches
where the grass ends & the moon begins,
licking their paws bloodless.


Fresh Laundry

After “Windy Day” by Charles Simic

Two sets of skivvies
one blue, one white

dance in & out
on the clothesline—

letting the neighbors



My bedside clock ticks so loudly,
it keeps me awake.
I consider the scattered
starlight, awry & adrift—
in the dark, the universe stops—
skips a beat.


Kate McNairy has published three chapbooks, June Bug (2014), Light to Light (2016), and My Wolf (2021). Journal and magazine credits include Third Wednesday, Misfits, and Raven’s Perch, among others. She was on the editorial board of The Apple Tree and was a semi-finalist in the Blue Light Poetry Contest (2014). She has also attended the NYS Summer Writers Institute at Skidmore, The Frost Place, and Tupelo and lives with Jon in upstate New York.

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  1. Original poetry. I was intrigued by The AA Meeting. I had to read it several times to arrive at an interpretation I thought fit the poem to the title…..

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