Shreya Sharath

Three Poems – Shreya Sharath


Set my pencil on fire
To engrave my every line
Turn it into something beautiful
And fresh to the eyes.

The image sparks in my brain
And ignites on the page
Soon it’ll be finished
And ready for display

The joy that it brings
To think of all it could become
When I finally set my pencil down
And look at my journey’s outcome

And I’ll admire it forever
Cherish it in my heart
Remember the happiness I felt
Until another idea sparks



Dance is her life
It’s what she was made to do
It runs through the coarse of her blood
and in the end, shines through

The joy on her face
so evident from her smile
she wouldn’t stop for nothing,
and make it all worthwhile

She would dance through the night
She would dance through the day
She would dance when the sun kisses her skin
and when the light fades away

As she twirls and whirls
She is singing so bright
Singing the song of happiness
loudly and light


Am I Enough?

It’s me
Your body

I’ve been with you from day one
Constantly working to keep you alive
And healthy

You look at me some days with the utmost pride
You tell me how grateful you are to have me
How grateful you are that I care for you

Some days you shame me
You ask me to become like the others

You stare at me in the mirror
And scream at me
Cut me
Cry because of me
All because I am not enough

You stopped eating breakfast last week
So you could lose that extra weight you gained
Don’t you know how much that hurts me?
Don’t you know that without it I can’t protect you?

I lost a couple of pounds
Are you happy now?

I’ve cried tears of sweat; working out
Tirelessly for hours at the gym
Are you finally satisfied?

Am I finally enough?
For you?
For social standards?
For everyone?

Maybe I will never be
Your expectations keep changing
Their expectations keep changing
But I’ll try my best
Even if it means hurting myself
I’ll do anything to be enough for you


Shreya Sharath is a multi-talented 14-year-old living in Albany, NY. She is an artist in the making who dabbles with acrylic, pastels, charcoal and graphite pencils. She enjoys learning various forms of dance and music. She also loves writing short stories and poems, often reflecting upon self-experiences. She has published a children’s fantasy novel, The Hidden Realm, which is available worldwide through Amazon and NotionPress. Shreya has also released her first song, “Waiting for You,” which is available on streaming platforms.