Timothy Resau

Three Poems – Timothy Resau

A Rainy Night in Ore Town Revisited

Mid-February this winter – weathering weather wonder.
Aghast, at last, while scents of the past pass lingering lightly
in this failing winter light….
Almost a half century later & still watching for the sky’s still light.

Another rainy night in Ore town—
Mid-February this winter, walking with pause
from a distant time carrying a skeleton’s bone, dessert white,
in the shadow of growing Aronia—
A self-portrait, unframed, unnoticed
on the floor of the world….


An Imaginary Vision of Us

It’s a beautiful day:
sunny and light with cool breezes.
Large clouds behind our heads.
Your hair is wheat-colored:
warmth is in the air,
a smile’s upon your face.
Your pleated skirt drags the ground—
the slope is heavy with grass:
the sea beyond, going on for miles.
We are holding hands.
My beard is white, my hair sticking out.
It must be autumn—and I am happy!
You, by the fire.
Innocent face—young—angelic:
so near … too near.
Nothing else to remember.
You are reading, and I hunger for you.
I dont know where the day leads us,
I just follow the stems of sun soaking
the soil under your feet, knowing.
you are a drug on which I must
express myself.


Imaginary Balconies

A strange hue along this avenue
and for some minutes I think it’s me.

Not the rain or grey-white clouds,
just me,
needing a shave and a good year’s rest.

My friend Stanley’s drinking again,
retired from the sea and railroad.
Retired into a beer bottle—
elbows warped from too many bar counters.

A strange hue along this avenue,
and for some minutes I think it’s me,
just me.


Timothy Resau is an American poet/writer living in coastal North Carolina. His writings have appeared internationally in Defuncted Journal, New Note Poetry, New Pop Lit, Zin Daily, Discretionary Love, Rye Whiskey Review, Arteidolia Press, Ephemeral Elegies, Alternate Route, Front Porch Review (photos), Origami Poems Project “Z”, a Micro-Clapbook, Poetica, Abstract Magazine TV, Poetry Quarterly, Lothlorien Poetry, e.ratio, Superpresent, KGB Bar Literary Journal, Decadent Review, Paddler Press, among others, & Weekend, a novella, is forthcoming from Anxiety Press in 2023. Find him at www.words-by-tim.com