“Wading in Cloud Pools” by Margaret McDermott

Wading in cloud pools

Down by the shallows, wading in cloud pools
where the waves meet the land in pretend cordiality
my feet went red from freezing waters as I stayed too long
on purpose to punish myself for lack of greatness,
unlike those sky pools staring up meeting the gaze of God
like it was an ordinary thing that anyone could do
I heard the seagulls cry as the waves smashed against the jetty
creating a chant that could lure a sailor from the sea
They sang of giving in and coming home
and me with my ice feet, seeking to feel the vast grey waters
but willing only, to go ankle deep


Margaret McDermott lives in beautiful Columbia County. She is an artist and poet, seeking to experience the beauty of life one day at a time. Margaret also works for a non-profit that advocates for freedom of speech.

This poem won First Prize in the 2022 HVWG Poetry Contest.