Phyllis Hillinger

“Low Tide at Solana Beach, California” by Phyllis Hillinger

Low Tide at Solana Beach, California

Pacific waves roll in

swirling sand into brown blooms

tipped with thunder

a shoreline of swells

below sandstone cliffs

slashed into ruts by random rains

pelicans carried on invisible currents

wings splayed like fighter planes

missiles headed east

green flash at sunset

fire scorches sea and sky

Venus stabs the night

what does kim yung un see from

his vantage point

within palace walls


In her professional life, Phyllis Hillinger worked as an educational writer and editor for a variety of not-for-profit organizations in the Albany area, many of them health related. She also enjoyed a long volunteer career with the Bethlehem Central School District. Her poems and memoir pieces have been published in anthologies and heard on NPR stations. Phyllis is a member of the Evergreen Poets Workshop, and the Hudson Valley Writers Guild. When she is not visiting her two sons and two daughters and their families in far-flung places, Phyllis and her husband Stephen can be found sailing on Lake George, wind permitting.

This poem was an Honorable Mention in the 2022 HVWG Poetry Contest.

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