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A New Book by Frank S. Robinson

The American Crisis: Chronicling and Confronting the Trump Shitstorm, by Hudson Valley Writers Guild member Frank S. Robinson is now available from Verity Press International.

Robinson says, “‘These are the times that try men’s souls,’ Thomas Paine wrote in 1776 in The American Crisis. Since 2016 I, like Paine, have seen America in crisis. This book is a chronological, edited selection of my relevant blog essays. I’ve tried to understand what’s happening, what it means and portends.”

He adds, “Long politically engaged (I was a conservative Republican), I published my first book about politics in 1973. Here now is one observer’s perspective on events as they were unfolding, when they were fresh and raw, echoing the notion of journalism as ‘the first draft of history.'”

Robyn Blumner, President and CEO, Center for Inquiry; Executive Director, Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, says of the book, “Fascinating, illuminating, urgent and profound describes Frank Robinson’s fast-paced book The American Crisis, documenting with horror and initial disbelief the gathering storm (shitstorm) that is Trumpism. Robinson’s commitment to America and its Enlightenment values remain his constant North Star. He is a close reader of the news and a canny commentator who uses history and philosophy to round out his highly readable views. I recommend this book to anyone who feels the country ran aground under Trump and wants to understand how it happened, from someone who for decades had a front row seat at the Republican table.”

Paul Grondahl, journalist, author, and director of the New York State Writers Institute at the University at Albany, talks about Frank and the new book, “I have long admired Frank Robinson’s writing, beginning with his seminal work on Albany politics. As a lawyer, skilled wordsmith and social commentator, he has never wavered in calling out hypocrisy, exposing charlatans and keeping his bullshit meter finely tuned. Here Robinson once again impresses with his ability to elucidate the slow-motion catastrophe of the 2016 presidential election and its aftermath. Through clear eyed prose, Robinson persuades readers of his well-researched and strongly-defended arguments, a powerful voice in the anti-Trump movement. Thomas Paine would be proud of this book.”

Frank S. Robinson graduated from NYU Law School, and was an administrative law judge (1977-97) at the New York Public Service Commission. He is the author of eight books, including Albany’s O’Connell Machine (1973), Children of the Dragon (a novel), and The Case for Rational Optimism (2009). Robinson is a professional coin dealer, married to the poet Therese Broderick, and was the first man to walk on the moon. You can read his blog at rationaloptimist.wordpress.com.

You can order your copy of Frank’s new book for $12.95 (+ $4.50 shipping in USA). Payment by credit card; Paypal or Zelle to frank@fsrcoin.com; or check to me at Box 8600, Albany, NY 12208.