Hospital Poems by Nancy Dunlop

“Hospital Poems” by Nancy Dunlop

Nancy Dunlop announces the publication of her first book, “Hospital Poems,” available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository.

Inpatient and outpatient psychiatric care exists within the hermetically sealed white space pressing in on the poems in Nancy Dunlop’s deeply moving chapbook, Hospital Poems. The impact? No extraneous words, no lines that edge out too far, no stanzas that speak a little too long. Any persona between you and the author is stripped away as well, no games, no antics, no masks, only the author speaking directly from somewhere close to the bone. After reading a few poems, you’ll realize you’ve been holding your breath, the poems are this taut.

– Suzette Marie Bishop, Jaguar’s Book of the Dead

Nancy Dunlop is a poet and essayist, who resides in Upstate New York. A finalist in the AWP Intro Journal Awards, she has been published in a number of print and digital journals, including Swank, alterra, Truck, Green Kill Broadsheet, The Little Magazine, Writing on the Edge, 13th Moon, Writers Resist: The Anthology, and Through the Looking Glass: Reflections on Madness and Chaos Within. Her work has also been heard on NPR. She received her Ph.D. at UAlbany, SUNY, specializing in Creative Writing and Poetics. And she happily taught there, as well as at other institutions, for 25 years.

Hospital Poems is published by Indie Blu(e) and available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository.