Literary Taxidermy Writing Competition

Regulus Press is excited to announce the 2022 Literary Taxidermy Writing Competition. Now in its fifth year, the competition will also be a fundraiser for Ukraine in 2022.

Literary taxidermy is an experimental story- and poetry-writing process. It involves taking the first and last lines of a piece of writing (usually a novel, short story, or poem) and then using those lines as the beginning and ending of a new, wholly-original work. Previous competitions have tackled opening and closing lines by Dashiell Hammett, Lewis Carroll, Dorothy Parker, Ray Bradbury, Aldous Huxley, and Toni Morrison. Last year Regulus ran the competition in association with an exhibition called “Still Life | Wild Places” housed at the Katherine Mansfield House & Gardens in Wellington, New Zealand, and writers were asked to craft their own stories and poems from two works by New Zealand author Katherine Mansfield.

Submissions open on May 1st and close July 11th.

For more information on the competition and how you can submit your work, go to www.literarytaxidermy.com.