Madhu Gangopadhyay

Four Poems – Madhu Gangopadhyay

Redolent Euphony

The raindrops crawled down the windowpane
The waiter with the mug of coffee came
The choco lave oozing on the plate
Those redolent chords strung
A mellow euphonious feel
Across the haze of rains
Those youthful charming days
That luburnum tree drenched
In yellow; the ground beneath
Carpeted with fallen petals
A sip of the Mocha,a bite of the cake
The aroma of the chocolate
Suffused inside;
Fond memories raked
The same place, the same menu
The same table, the chair in front now vacant
Enjoying an Indian Summer with the bygone scent!


The Dance of Liberty

I am bound, weighed by love!
How I have willing, myself shoved
Let my balanced be lost, I tumbled
My Center of gravity I consciously jumbled!
Falling into the nadir I lost
Semblance, mental peace all I tossed
Prometheus by Zeus was bound
For stealing fire, punished profound!
Here am I bound for giving away
My heart to a brute who used it to play!

Deliver me from this pain
Let the showers of true love rain
I won’t mind flying with Icarus’ wings
In true passion, I am ready to sink
Ephemeral be but faithful still
For real fondness, I am ready to kill
All that comes in the way of love and create
Problems and amour’s sanctity berate
For the love of Adonis and Aphrodite
An immortal love story, passionate and mighty
Such to find in the human realm
Is rare even beneath an elm!
Still, I yearn for true affection
A warm, strong connection!
On the silken wings of romance
Liberated, I dream of elysian dance!


The Flight of Fantasy

Levitating between waking and slumber
At that unearthly hour of the night
Neither the moon nor the sun seems to be in sight!
Within the limits of my brain, I wander!
I relive some old, some unknown days
All jumbled but exciting
At times unnerving
At once enchanting!
A wonderful land of fantasy, a dream!
Where I dwell in a realm unseen
There are days I wake up in fright
At other times I am elated and bright
There are the days I don’t want to awake
Let those enchanting moments eternally overtake
Several time to some alien land
They entice me, beckoning me, proffer their hand
I skip into their trap, a brief encounter
Their gibberish talks I am forced to ponder
Still wondering not comprehending upon my eyes
The first ray of the sun casts…


The Sand Art…

A maiden with sultry skin
Her eyes that of the ocean
Her feet were adorned with gold dust
Her looks, a magic potion!
A trance, a tiffany gossamer
Mysterious smile, a charm beguile
An aura mystically rare!
To touch her the heart yearned
Was she mortal? Or a femme fatal?
Arcane passion unreasonably burned!
Her hair was drenched with sand and sea
Glittering specks on her cheeks
Her eyelids sprinkled with gold
I wondered what tongue she speaks!
Bejeweled, in her chantilly gown
She wore a diamond crown;
Garce oozing as voluptuous was she
Methought she a princess be!
As she walked into the water
The briny wind blew past
As she arranged a lock of hair
A bewitching smile she cast!
Instinctively drawn towards her
I trailed her, blindly behind
The sky turned into a fearful pall
Still she glowed divine!
I saw her going really deep
The waves were rising high
The lightening cracked
The thunder glowed
I thought I heard her sigh!
I lept into the water blue
Where was she? I had no clue!
I frantically fought the waves
The sea seemed a way to pave
There she was, I caught her sight
I saw her burning, phosphorous bright!
Melting into the blue and green
I could hear none of her scream.
Was she real.or an apparition?
It resulted in a romantic fission!
A quirk of my fantastic brain
A twist of phosphene, untrained!
I stretched my hand out in vain
To hold my heart she never came!
Into the darkness of the Ocean vast
She left! My present turned to past!
Vacantly I gazed into the blank
As the receding waves, a dirge sang!
The sea breeze blew, making haste
All I could feel was salt, a briny taste!
Deep within a whorl a squall
A nightly tryst, a fearful call!
When the faint red showed above+
The azure sky, an emblem of love
I beheld a sand art on the beach
Ivory, magnificent and artistic!
A maiden grand and kind;
On her lap, a man lying blind
For once my mind raced back to the night
Could this have been my plight?
If I had been consumed then
My life would flower into a story insane!


Madhu Gangopadhyay hails from India. She is presently residing in Bangalore. Her passion for writing began when she was in school. She loves to pen down her musings at random moments. She is fiercely passionate about poetry and short stories, and her penchant for mythology can be seen in her works. She conveniently explores all the genres of poetry writing and has written on a plethora of topics. She has a Masters degree in English Literature from Calcutta University and a Bachelors degree in Education. She has been in the education industry for two decades now. She has also been a content developer and has designed academic course books for senior school students and colleges. She had also been associated with one of the leading Print media houses in India. A soft skills trainer, motivational speaker, and an avid social worker: she is also an exponent of Indian classical dance forms, her passion since childhood.

She says, “It is only this January that I have launched myself in this virtual world of fascinating writers and poets. I have also written some short stories for some of these platforms and have been awarded. My works have been published in the Anthology called THE SILK ROAD, published from Cairo, Midnight Moments, OPA, Open Door Magazine, USA, The Third Eye, Butterfly Press (should be available on Amazon by 10 August) and in various other online journals including Spillwords. My works revolve around every human emotions, life as a whole, nature and the universe. Right now I am into technical writing, apart from being engaged with an online journal United Global Renaissance in their Content, Research Development Team.”

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  1. I am so happy that the rest of the world now gets the opportunity to read and enjoy your sublimely beautiful poetry. You weave a subtle blend of the modern with the ancient and nature with nurture. Congratulations!

  2. Alexander Perez

    The Sand Art is fascinating & intriguing. The rhyme scheme really hits. Look forward to reading more!

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