writing in a yellow sweater

Two Poems – Denise Garofalo


Will it be enough?
Will tilling the garden
And tending the tender plants,
Removing the tenacious weeds
And keeping the shoots watered,
Be enough?
Will I see the small buds unfurl
Until the blossoms enlarge to explode
In the brilliant palette of summer flowers?
Or will a summer hailstorm batter
Until nothing is left?
Or will a hungry bunny feast on
The tempting tender buffet?
Should I plant more, I wonder,
So there’s enough for bunnies,
Hailstorms, and me.
Perhaps more will be enough.



The bare trees stand vigil,
Each scattered breeze brings portents
Of the bleak, cold winter,
Driving leaves, dried and brown,
To swirl and float in the austere landscape.
Will this wind bring the first snowflake scouts,
To start laying the blanket of winter
Across the fields and hills,
Until the time of renewal returns,
Until spring arrives once more?


Denise Garofalo is a librarian by profession, born in Norwich, NY. She studied at SUNY Albany and has worked in libraries in New York and New England. Currently residing in the beautiful Hudson Valley with her husband and son, working at Mount Saint Mary College, and enjoying life. Denise’s published writings are mostly on professional topics, but she does enjoy writing poetry and fiction.