No Ones Daughter

“No One’s Daughter” by Carl Filbrich

Author Carl Filbritch announces the publication of his new mystery, No One’s Daughter: A Mike Ramsey Novel, published by Level Best Books.

Mike Ramsey served three tours of duty in Afghanistan without receiving as much as a scratch. Then, shortly after he returned home, a car crash caused by a drunk driver left him with some ugly scars, a black patch over his right eye, and a large cash settlement. Now he is drifting from day to day, with no clear direction in his life.

With nothing better to do, Mike takes on the task of finding a woman named Emily Bright, who disappeared after being arrested for something few people would consider a crime-kissing another woman in public. Mike soon learns that Emily is being pursued by some very dangerous people. Two thugs break into his apartment, looking for clues to where she might be. Then two women associated with Emily die under mysterious circumstances. Eventually, Mike discovers who Emily really is, and why she ran away. Now he must help her fight for her life against a devious enemy who is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

Carl Filbrich enjoyed careers as an instructor and editor before he began writing mysteries. He lives with his wife in upstate New York.

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