Two Poems – Denise Garofalo

Nature’s Promise

The cacophonous chorus of cicadas, katydids, and crickets welcomes.
Step further, Nature coaxes.
See what secrets lie hidden,
What memories await to be crafted.
The discordant choir fades into the background as I venture further afield.
Faint cries from a soaring hawk are carried on the soft breeze,
A reminder of the power and promise of Nature.
The dry creek bed whispers, suggesting what was.
Until another day.


The Rock

It stood, seeming as high as Everest.
A silent beacon welcoming us home.
Warmed by the day’s sun,
Content to be a seat for thinking,
A landmark leading to home.
Until it wasn’t.
Time marches on, grandparents pass.
New owners resentment leads to
Bulldozers and earthmovers. A jarring change.
No welcome remains.


Denise Garofalo is a librarian by profession, born in Norwich, NY. She studied at SUNY Albany and has worked in libraries in New York and New England. Currently residing in the beautiful Hudson Valley with her husband and son, working at Mount Saint Mary College, and enjoying life. Denise’s published writings are mostly on professional topics, but she does enjoy writing poetry and fiction.