Next Up to The Mic Episode 13: Dan Wilcox at Arthur's Market

Episode 13: Dan Wilcox at Arthur’s Market

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In this 13th episode of the Next Up to The Mic podcast, we welcome Dan Wilcox who was the featured poet at the Arthur’s Market open mic in the historic stockade section of Schenectady, NY on June 14, 2017.

From his own blog entry about the reading:

Then it was my turn as featured poet. had planned my reading to promote Inauguration Raga & read a number of selections from that chapbook, surrounded by other pieces. I began & ended with poems (#87 & #20) from my new series “What Makes America Great.” Also, “Joe Krausman” from boundless abodes of Albany (Benevolent Bird Press, 2010), an old piece recalling a buddy from my Army training “John Lees,” & “Shaken, Stirred” from Gloucester Notes (FootHills Publishing, 2015).

Dan Wilcox was the host of the Third Thursday Poetry Night at the Social Justice Center in Albany, N.Y., and is a member of the poetry performance group “3 Guys from Albany”.  As a photographer, he claims to have the world’s largest collection of photos of unknown poets.  He has been a featured reader at all the important poetry venues in the Capital District & throughout the Hudson Valley and is an active member of Veterans for Peace.

He also publishes poetry under the imprint, A.P.D. (albany’s poetic device, another pleasant day, etc.).  His own poems have been published in Post Traumatic Press 2007, Chronogram, Poetica, and most recently in the anthology American Society: What Poets See, in other small press journals and anthologies, on the internet, as broadsides & in self-published chapbooks.  His chapbook boundless abodes of Albany published by Benevolent Bird Press of Delmar, NY is available for Kindle from Amazon.  You can read his blog at

Please welcome, next up to the mic, Dan Wilcox

Bonus Video

Albany poet and photographer Dan Wilcox was the special guest on the Nick Bisanz Show on January 28, 2021.


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