Two Poems – Constance Bennett

Leaving (should have gone when I had the chance)

I was feeling like leaving
But I stayed
Sodden leaves gone rotten
in the bottom
of a barrel
And hours turned into days
days became my life
And my life
Flipped upside down
And left me
Like I should have you

The ghosts
With me
I got my due


Lurking in me is nothing much

Been here a long time
sitting in this chair,
in this house
in this life
in this body.

I move my head
and the past follows –
I lift my limbs
and my heart skips
a beat
and sometimes cracks.

A dark shadow lies
at my feet,
and when I sleep
it covers the space above
my head
and the ceiling
caves in.

I am being crushed
by nothing
and yet if I were to tap myself
the hollow sound
would echo around the room
ricochet off the walls
and deafen
even you.