Robert Milby

“Corona d’état: The Pandemic Poems (2020)” by Robert Milby

Hudson Valley poet and event host Robert Milby has just published a new book of poetry, Corona d’état: The Pandemic Poems (2020) (Lion Autumn Music Pub. NYC, April 2021).

Corona d’état: The Pandemic PoemsCorona d’état:  The Pandemic Poems(2020) examines aspects of the strangest, nation-wide and worldwide phenomenon ever to have occurred.  Covid-19, with all of its impacts: truths, lies, predicted, known/unknown, science, opinions, speculations–affected the entire human race, starting in winter, 2020.

Robert Milby, of Florida, NY, has been active in the Hudson Valley, NY poetry communities since early 1995.  Corona d’etat: the Pandemic Poems (2020) is his third, full-length book.  He is the author of several chapbooks, books, and CDs. He was Orange County, NY Poet Laureate: 2017-2019. Milby has hosted 30 poetry readings series since Sept. 1995. Currently, he hosts two series, with two others on hiatus.