Alyssa Michelle

Two Poems – Alyssa Michelle

Quiet Women

Too often it is thought that quiet women
Are spineless and undyingly submissive
Easily controlled and manipulated

That is a lie conceived from the mouths of narcissistic men
Who hide cowardly in the shadows of misogyny
Thinking their performance of cunnilingus
Will make them less cunning
Assuming the introduction of “Hey Beautiful!”
Will get women undressed

The measure of vanity
Will never outweigh that of intellect
And self-control knows
That the loudest minds are owned by those
Whose words are kept securely concealed

Because powerful words can either be used
As weapons of destruction
Or scripture verses
Full of salvation and redemption

Take a walk in her mind
You’ll find
Molehills that were mistaken for mountains
And catacombs filled with lost words
That she could never fully express
Without being misunderstood

Loud screams insecure, as it reveals the weak
Yet she stands humbly in her strength so silently



I’ve written
Love poems for men
Whose only interest
Was to use my body as ransom
For their broken hearts
And to some extent, I let them

See, we were using each other
For different reasons
Creating soul ties
Bound by the energy we constantly exchanged

Call this a quantum connection
Because even when we were physically disconnected
Our entanglement knew no boundaries
So I loved him through my pain
And he released his into me

It became a debilitating game
Of how long we would hold each other hostage
From what we knew wouldn’t last

When I accepted my truth
I set myself free
And he became a mere memory
Of how he once held a piece of me
For ransom



Alyssa Michelle is an accomplished self-published author, poet, spoken word artist, and motivational speaker. At the early age of 15, Alyssa began writing poetry that focused more on her experiences with love and heartbreak. As she became more conscious and transparent as a writer, her poetry shed a light on life as a single mother, domestic violence, addiction, trauma, mental health, healing, and self-empowerment. Alyssa’s passion for writing has primarily come from being afraid to speak up about her pain. She began to use her poetry as a catalyst for her own healing, as well as the healing of those who shared similar experiences.

In 2014, Alyssa wrote and performed for an act in her first poetry play “Unspoken Word”, which discussed suicide awareness, and in 2017, she performed at “Poetry In Motion”. She also self-published her first book of poetry Growing Pains in 2019, which discussed phases of her personal growth as a young woman. Alyssa continues to make various appearances on stages throughout upstate New York, as she uses her passion for writing to help empower and heal others through her heartfelt words.