David Harrison Horton

Four Poems – David Harrison Horton


This station for cleansing
cooking utensils

to roam the countryside unattended
beautiful blue Aryan eyes

to crush on every boy
to crush

to focus on a figure

to ponder the distance



What Gagarin said
felt and thought
the consequence

Lewis game-show demise

what is not factored in
to factor

muled the attempt
like some branch of stars we see

a slow horse in a dead heat



subtlety of shoes

to hold a crowd quiet
to hold one’s own

the floorwalker and the escalator routine
the heist

Bodo and Herman the Jew

the extent of one’s knowledge



How her purse coordinates
to get about the city
to weather the speeches

spirit or beam of an original
branded steer their field

tourniquet and sieve
to perform lesser miracles

where murmurs on
frog’s eyed crow


David Harrison Horton is a Beijing-based writer, artist, editor, and curator. He is the author of the chapbooks Pete Hoffman Days (Pinball) and BeiHai (Nanjing Poetry). His poetry has recently appeared in In Parentheses, swifts & slows, Spittoon, and Otoliths.