Writers Institute reading room at Albany airport

The Mario & Matilda Cuomo Pavilion, a book-lined sanctuary for suitcase-toting travelers, is now open at the Albany International Airport, reported Business Editor Eric Anderson in the Sunday Times Union.

The pavilion, an 800 square-foot, glass-enclosed lounge on the first floor of the terminal, is described in the article as “an inviting reading nook that highlights many of the 2,000 writers who have appeared at the New York State Writers Institute since its founding by Albany’s William Kennedy 36 years ago. While travelers rush by outside, readers can relax with works by writers ranging from Salman Rushdie, Philip Roth or Toni Morrison to Bill Nye, Roz Chast, or John Updike.”

Visitors are also encouraged to take a book off the shelves and enjoy reading it on their travels.

The collaborative space represents a partnership of the airport and the Writers Institute to support the arts in the community, and it’s named after the former governor and his wife in recognition of their support for literary arts. Gov. Mario Cuomo signing the legislation to create the NYS Writers Institute in 1984,  giving it goals and responsibilities to conduct a broad range of cultural and educational literary activities.

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