“Logue Jam” by Paul Kindlon

Logue Jam is Paul Kindlon’s exquisite initiation ceremony, with secret handshakes, chance meetings of the kindred, both on and off stage, missed cues and retraced steps. He constructs and deconstructs. The author is fascinated by how we think, by the thinkers themselves and closed societies. He introduces us to inbred royals and invites us to travel to the locations of their banishment. His players and quips are odd and captivating, his landscape tilted, not unlike the fictional town of Twin Peaks, where the comic delivers one liners to a half filled locals bar, nobody paying attention, the band’s drummer answering with snare roll and tap on the ride. Kindlon, having worked in Chicago theater, earned a Phd in philosophy, served as journalist then professor at the American University in Moscow, has journeyed to Siberia, into the Arctic and back, embraces the un-conventional. He presents aphorisms, plays, short stories and poems, his force that through the green fuse drives the flower. He has seen many winters transform into spring and come full circle:“As I prepare to turn another corner, I am hopeful still. I pray the right angle will lead me to something quite new. But if it doesn’t, that’s okay too. I realize this all must continue.”