R.M. Engelhardt

The Half-Dead Poet Review: It’s Time To Fight/Never Surrender

Hello Friends,

R.M. here.

And this message will be very short, but not very sweet.

First, I’m sorry that I’ve been away for so long. And I’m even more sorry about what’s currently going on in the world. It’s unprecedented and it’s frightening. And something the majority of us Americans have never faced before. Obviously I’m writing you this from home like you where I’m here with my wife & cats working for my college and also like you patiently waiting for the day when this will all soon be over. And I hope for all our sakes and for the world that it will be very soon because right now we are living with too much panic, anger, worry & fear, anxiety to the nth & way way too much TP.

So take a breather.
Yes. A breather.

Breathe deeply.

Because whatever you believe this isn’t the “End of Days” and It’s not “The Apocalypse” or some ridiculous dystopian science fiction movie.



It’s real. And it’s our actual lives.

And what’s causing all of this chaos?

Just a virus.

Yes. A nasty ass flu virus (the coronavirus) that snuck it’s way through all our modern defenses because some idiots dropped the ball.(And yes we know who.) So take it seriously, and follow all the REAL (and not phony) GUIDELINES. Stay away from other people (I do that anyways) And WASH YOUR HANDS! Some people are more prone than others so if your immune system is compromised or you’re a senior citizen make sure you have everything you need and again follow the rules for you’re own protection. I wish you all the best.
Stay healthy, work from home and don’t fight amongst yourselves. Be kind to each other. And remember: Most of our ancestors went through similar experiences with the Spanish Flu and in other times in history and many did not get through it because they didn’t have the treatments & medicines that we do now. And yet? They never gave up. They fought it like you are doing now with the best they could with what they had.


So here’s my advice. No matter what happens? You never surrender or give in. You stay calm & focused and you support all those that you love & care about (including animals & friends).
Now is the time.

And you don’t have a choice anymore.
It’s time to stand up & fight whether you want to or not.

Because that’s how you stop diseases.
That’s how you stop bad politicians. And that’s how you fight a war if you must and make the fucking world a better place. You fight, you fall and then you get back up. Then you fight harder until you win. Or maybe, you even lose. Death doesn’t care and there is no mercy.
And some people that we love or know?
We may lose them. And we need to accept that brutal fact.

This is all I have. No poems. No more words. Only hope & prayers for everyone in this time of tragedy and sadness and no speeches about mortality, glory or death. Because poetry itself will always exist, be here in one form or another with or without us.

So please be well, be safe and be brave. And again at all costs? Be kind. And love each other as long as this world lasts. No matter how long that might be.

So to all of you
My friends & family,
I wish you all peace

I’ll see you all in Valhalla
Or on the other side

(Wherever that might be)


~ R.M.

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