Misfit Magazine Issue 28

Misfit Magazine #28 Now Available

Editor Alan Catlin announces that the 28th edition of Misfit Magazine is now live online at misfitmagazine.net: Issue No. 28, Fall 2019

We live in wild, crazy times. Not the way Steve Martin acted suggested as a wild and crazy guy. More like the times of The Borgia’s, the way Machiavelli described them. Or, maybe something more sinister, if that were possible. Anything seems possible now.

Nabokov wrote a novel called Bend Sinister.  The title is a heraldic reference to the left-handed bend of an arm on a coat of arms that indicates a bastard.  I wonder if Nabokov was prescient. Had seen the current president’s Phony coat of arms he once flew over Mar a Lago: flashy gold and red colors on a field of blood, left hands rampant with digits extended.

Misfit #28 features work from Ruth Bavetta, John Bennett, Mark Blickley, David Boski, J.J. Campbell, Ranney Campbell, R.T. Castleberry, Alan Catlin, Joan Colby, Juliet Cook & jj hastain, Robert Cooperman, Jakima Davis, Holly Day, Mary Ann Dimand, Tony Gloeggler, Brian Harman, Hayley Mitchell Haugen, Jack Henry, Stephanie Hiteshew, Ted Jonathan, Kyle Laws, James Lineberger, Marjorie Maddox, DS Maolalai, Drew Pisarra, Charles Rammelkamp, Brian Rihlmann, Kevin Ridgeway, Dave Roskos, Kayla Sargeson, Jared Smith, The Poet Spiel, Martin Stannard, D.E. Steward, David J. Thompson, Barbara Ungar, and Jeffrey Zable

Submissions for #29 welcome at submissions@misfitmagazine.net.