Writing Contest – “Stories Through The Ages”

The “Stories Through The Ages Baby Boomer Plus 2019” book is at the printer. It will be released on Amazon on September 1. It is the third edition of the series. A lot of the authors, who sent submissions, heard about our contest though their writers club. Thanks to those who forward my message to your members!

We are now accepting submissions for two contests:

Stories Through The Ages Sightseer Saga 2019: We are asking for stories about your travels. You know, the time you couldn’t get the rental car in reverse in Germany and had to push it – oh wait that was one of us, but we know you have stories too. You define what travel means to you. First class or backpacker, domestic or international, it doesn’t matter we want to see them all! Give us straight facts or embellish the story a bit. Just make sure you entertain us. We will accept a maximum of 100 entries.

Stories Through The Ages Military Experiences 2019: We are asking for stories from soldiers, vets, family members, military personnel – anyone who has a story about the military. It can be about being in combat, or training. A story about how it feels to be away from home, or about being left at home. We changed this a bit and are going to allow co-authors for this contest. If you know someone with a story to tell who isn’t a writer, have them tell it to you and help them write it – then submit it with both your names. We will accept a maximum of 100 entries.

The word count for both contests is 900 – 4000 words. The entry fee is $25 for one story and $20 per story when submitting multiple stories

For each contest, a minimum of the top fifteen finalists will be published in the 2019 edition of the book.
• 1st place winner will receive $500.00
• 2nd place $200.00
• 3rd place $100.00.

Contact: Jacqueline Peavler
Email: JVPeavler@LivingSpringsPublishers.com
Website: www.livingspringspublishers.com

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