Misfit Magazine #26 is now live online

Misfit Magazine #26 Now Available

Editor Alan Catlin announces that the 26th edition of Misfit Magazine is now live online at misfitmagazine.net: Issue No. 26, Spring 2019

Issue 26 is upon us as we enter our sixth year of Misfit.  It hardly seems possible that we lasted this long, that people are still responding, reading and submitting. Most of the comments have been favorable, but not all. That’s what a democratic nation, and an open submission policy, is all about.  We cannot end wars. Not even in the poetry community and we do not aspire to. At least not the poetry wars, such as they are.

Misfit #26 features work from Yvonne Amey, Joe Balaz, John Bennett, J.J. Campbell, R.T. Castleberry, Joan Colby, Elisa Everts, Sarah Giragosian, Gary Glauber, Tony Gloeggler, Gene Goldfarb, Benjamin Goluboff, Michael Hammerle, John Homan, Katherine Anderson Howell, Ted Jonathan, Kyle Laws, Linda Lerner, Ben Newell, Calida Osti, Nanette Rayman, Jonathan K. Rice, Mather Schneider, Claire Scott, Lacie Semenovich, Laura Sheahen, Maureen Sherbondy, The Poet Spiel, T.K. Splake, D.E. Steward, Nathaniel Sverlow, Bunkong Tuon, Meeah Williams

Submissions for #27 welcome at submissions@misfitmagazine.net.