Ian Macks

Three Poems – Ian Macks

Ian Macks is a poet and writer hailing from Troy by way of New York City. After the release of his debut chapbook A Loss and Gain of Comfort in December 2014, Ian has been reading at various open mics and readings in the Capital Region as well as Brooklyn. You can find his poetry on his Instagram account @imacks22.


The Drop

rain drop on the drop top
pm to the am
6 o’clock
face far from perfect
still wanna kiss it?
he’s five years my senior
yet we ride the same wave
dub him for me in front of my face
yeah okay
no need to invest
in naiveity or vain

marvin gaye on the jukebox
mercy mercy me
colors seeping from the seams
six pints in the sea
manipulate to the 3rd degree
can’t see how you’ve managed to look so clean
when you’re bleeding worse than me

scrape the sky with this essence of being
dreams and goals fulfilled
a life worth believing
i guess this is what I’m trying to say

you don’t wanna put in the work
while I live in fear of getting played…



When we drove by the skyline in the damp fog
It became apparent things would get hazy
Fucked up
Saying things we mean
But not mean to say in that sort of way… Does a second chance at living life right
Come with you along with it
Smile like sunlight
Eyes of blue skies
Cash considerations are irrelevant
The conversation and vibes are priceless

Come on strong in the realest of ways

Tripping off nostalgia
Feeling like a kid again
Curious borderlining
Youth fading and recklessness
Keep me on the run angel
Wings steady grounded
Life in flight


Steady Sellin’

I like what you’re saying
Don’t get me wrong
But give me more… Been a while since these ears heard this
But not the first time I’ve heard it before
Pinpoint the festival
Hide all the relics
A rhetorical metaphor
We can never forget it

You and your man’s broke up
Oh damn that’s crazy
Slide in for the digits
lol maybe
A dozen of dimes
Not paying the fine
To gas your ass up
While I’m driving for mine
Don’t need a day or time
To keep it real or drop a line
Shine bright through the grime
With a life divine

Overhead light flickers
Sleep cycle sickening
What is routine?
Sweet smile deceives them
Walk away stonefaced
Fourth wheel to the threesome
Afriad to take the lead
Rather believe ’em
Niggas can barely swim for shit
Yet we’re diving off the deep end…