Christa DeMarco

Two Poems – Christa DeMarco

Christa DeMarco has been writing since she was ten. In high school, she found her love for poetry, and after attending Brass Tacks and Poetic Vibes her voice for it. Her influences are life, personal experience, and her insatiable need to question everything. She hales from the small town of Broadalbin, NY, but currently lives in Colonie, NY, with her husband, David, and their perpetual puppy, Duke. By night a poet, by day a home health aid.


Silver Tongued Let Downs

I used my soul as a whetstone
Sharpening my silver tongue
I’ve gotten good at cutting down through marrow
By practicing on my own skin
While others are their own worse critic
I am my own inquisition
I am told I am such a sweet person
But sugar is as addictive as cocaine
And candy causes decay
There is no sustainable nutrition from sweet things
I am a root canal with no Novocaine


Emotional Amputee

Let go
But how?
It’s a nice theory
But some cuts go too deep
It’s not like I want to be this way
An emotional amputee
Using prosthetic feelings
And what happens
when the person who was supposed to be your organ donor
sold you on the black market?
I would let go
if only I still had hands to hold

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