Writers & Artists: Help Test a Concept

Rhonda RosenheckRhonda Rosenheck requests your help to test the viability of a new type of literature publication, what she’s dubbing a Lit-Letter (TM).

Rhonda invites you to submit piece(s) for inclusion in a not-yet-extant publication of a format that, to the best of her research, does not currently exist.

“Pieces” = poetry, very short fiction, short essays or other creative non-fiction, photography, cartoons, or other graphic art that could be well represented in an 8.5×11, 4-color, printed newsletter.

She’ll send submission requirements only to those who express interest – rrosenheck@gmail.com, subject THIRD ARC – in submitting.

More information can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/writers-artists-help-test-concept-rhonda-rosenheck/