Poets at the Altamont Fair

Poetry at the Altamont Fair

For the 32nd year, there will be poetry at The Altamont Fair on Wednesday, August 15.

Sign-up for Poets at the Fair has begun. We have free passes for poets available for the Fair. Wednesdays are a day Seniors get free admission but all other poets get a pass from Fair

You can read at the Altamont Fair, a rite of passage for local poets. Ask around for how many have done it at least once. Reading starts at 2:00 PM

A 10 min. solo reading, perhaps more depending on attendance.

Also for participants, The Legends Round-Robin (at 3:30 PM) is a chance to honor deceased friends by reading from their work. Bring some poems written by deceased poets for this endeavor.

Contact Alan Casline at  acasline@aol.com if you want to read at the fair this year. Poets have read at the Altamont Fair for 32 straight years counting this year!