Misfit 20

Misfit Magazine #20 Now Available

Misfit 20Misfit Magazine #20 is now available to read at misfitmagazine.net featuring poetry, art, and reviews from Aiden Angle, James Babbs, John Bennett, Rose Mary Boehm, Brenton Booth, J.J. Campbell, David Chorlton, Joan Colby, Andrew Darlington, Darren Demaree, Steve Deutsch, Mike Faran, Tony Gloeggler, Robert Knox, Michael McIrvin, Ben Newell, Simon Perchik, Dan Sicoli, D.E. Steward, Marc Swan, Paul Tristram, and Guinotte Wise.

From editor Alan Catlin‘s introduction:

“As I write this piece, Leonard Cohen is close to my heart. Not just because he died so unexpectedly recently, a tragedy but because it is beyond the midnight of the soul, is the darkest morning of our history, the hour of the world between democracy and something else.  Something clearly not of benefit to the common man.  Anyone who does not think democracy died on November 8, 2016, hasn’t been paying attention.”

Submissions always welcome: it’s the poem, not the name attached to it.