“Divine Write” series seeks writers to read their work & share their practice

divine-write“Divine Write” is a reading & workshop evening series held monthly in downtown Troy, NY. Each reading + workshop will be held on the last Sunday of the month. We are searching for new or established writers to share both their work and their practice with the community.
This means the writer will prepare a traditional reading for the audience, about 45 minutes and will then lead a 45 minute workshop with those who came to listen. The workshop could include daily practices, exercises, writing games, drawing games, free writes or sharing circles. This piece of the evening is very open to the writer’s whim. It should simply allow the audience to see into the their methods, as well as their final work. Each writer will be compensated $50, as well as food, drink and the ability to sell any of their work at the event.
For any questions or to sign up to read, please send your name and at least one sample of your work to Emma Post at emma@thebeerdiviner.com .
A note from Emma: Currently I have February and March spoken for. I’d like to nail down January 29th (the first event!) and then of course there is April 30th, May 28th etc. Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for your interest!