Curtis Flach

Three Poems – Curtis Flach

Curtis FlachCurtis Flach is originally from Ravena, New York, but currently resides in Albany. He is both a poet and a songsmith, with a background that’s rich in folk music. It was songwriting that led Flach to pick up a pen and write his first poem. In his eyes, poetry begins where the music ends – what he is unable to convey in song, he communicates through poetry.

Passionate Midnight

Is there a place for me?
Perhaps in your eyes?
The far reaches of beauty
Doubly divine
With a curious fervor
A citadel built
In the hills of time
A dwelling for creatures
Luxurious inside
Passionate midnight
Like a willow tree
Or trinket
Of times gone by


Outside the Cafe

Sitting outside the café after 9 A.M.
I was struck by wind & worry
I could feel eyes upon me
A child’s eyes
Dog’s eyes
Someone maliciously watching me
A young woman favored dance to romance
& a country vagrant groped at her lithe feet
Humming street
Holy jazz beat
I dislike the color green
You know what I mean?
Change your eyes
Before I reveal the surprise
Aroma of chai
Whispering lies


Town Square

The streets were empty
Town square full
Of humans
& life

A town drunk made his way to the city
& became a monk

The children gathered round
To throw stones
While the policemen danced
& the women moaned

I witnessed exposure
Promoted composure
& drowned in the wicked breeze
Of a dying man’s laughter