Misfit Magazine #18

Misfit Magazine #18 Now Available

Misfit Magazine #18Misfit Magazine #18 is now available to read at misfitmagazine.net featuring poetry, art, and reviews from John Bennett, Rose Mary Boehm, Richard Carr, Alan Catlin, David Chorlton, Joan Colby, Zola Gonzalez-MacaraMbon, Steve Henn, Ally Malinenko, Ayaz Daryl Nielsen, Cathy Porter, Troy Schoultz, D.E. Steward, David J. Thompson, Paul Tristram, and Kelley White.

“Just to be contrary (well maybe not, everything depends upon what we get) it seems we will be doing three issues this year, instead of the two, I indicated last time.  Rather than a whole group of single poems by individual poets, I accepted multiple poems by fewer poets.  Richard Carr and Rose Mary Boehm sent poems from collections in progress that merited more than one selection. John Bennett and D.E. Steward offered poems from daily compilations that have been amassing for years. Others sent thematically related pieces such as Ally Malinenko’s heart wrenching struggles with cancer poems.  Along with the usual reviews, acknowledgements, Artwork and a personal essay, we hope there is something for everyone to enjoy.  I expect one more issue this year, #19, in Late Fall, before the holidays, at any rate.  If you have something new and exciting (or an oldie but a goodie) that might work for the misfit, send it along and we’ll gladly check it out.”

Submissions always welcome: it’s the poem, not the name attached to it.