Up The River, Issue Four

Up The River, Issue Four

Up The River, Issue FourWe are very happy to announce that Up The River, Issue Four is now available in both print and Kindle on Amazon.com.

This fourth issue of the Up The River was edited by Mary Panza, Kevin Peterson, and Carissa Haberland and contains poetry and art from Tess Lecuyer, Victoria Sullivan, Mick Ó Seasnáin, Valentina Cano, Alan Caitlin, Edward Dougherty, Alyssa D’Amico, John Dorsey, Bruce Lader, Kristin Fullerton, Daniel Barbare, Hal O’Leary, Richard Luftig, Michael Estabrook, Sandra Rouse, Wayne Murphy, Gary Barkman, Bruce Lader, Tom Riley, Steven Minchin, Duane Locke, Taylor Graham, Alan Casline, Howard Kogan, Russ Cope, Dan Wilcox, Dr. Ralph Monday, John Sweet, Rebecca Schumejda, Gary Barkman, Jeff Bernstein, and Jeff Alifer.

Some of these poets will be helping us kick off the 2016 Albany Word Fest at McGeary’s on Sunday, April 17.

With each new issue of Up the River we showcase original work from new and established poets, artists and photographers both in print and online on our website. Our approach is to mix new technology and good old fashioned print publishing with Up The River.

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