Theremin Ghosts! – The 13th Annual Hudson Valley Tour

Welden and MilbyThe 13th annual Theremin Ghosts tour of performances of events throughout the Hudson Valley begins tonight at the Pine Bush Library and continues through November 13. The series with Robert Milby (ghosts and gothic poems) and Carl Welden (Moog Theremin) has been haunting the Hudson Valley since October, 2003.

The duo performs original poems written by Milby, about haunted sites in the Hudson Valley, NYC, and gothic landscapes, not always of the tangible world. Victorian House: Ghosts and Gothic Poems, Milby’s new collection of poems, 1997-2015, will be released in October, 2015, with many of the poems and prose poems used for the shows.

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Hudson Valley poet and photographer, Christopher Wheeling, hosts the events, and writes a different introduction for each show. He is the Geist Host. Welden lectures for around 5 minutes, on the history and uses of the Theremin, followed by one the most original and unusual poetry and sound performances in New York State.

ThereminGhosts2015The Moog Theremin frames the portraits in sounds that are often unsettling, shrieking, low moaning, creaking, and often manic and distressed.

The duo performs each October, launching the show on the anniversary of Poe’s death, 10/7/1849, and moves from venue to venue, until November strips October’s leaves from the haunted woodlands, and countryside.

Gentleman, Ladies, farmers, soldiers, convicts, pirates, the homeless, poor, drunks, drug-addicts, shopkeepers, teachers, morticians, the wealthy, farriers, police, priests, whores, poets, writers, artists, musicians, composers, beggars, woodsman, cave dwellers, psychiatrists and in-patients, many murder victims, are but a few of the characters encountered.

The 2015 Theremin Ghosts Schedule

  • Wed 10/7 – Pine Bush Library, 227 Maple Avenue, Pine Bush, NY – No cover
  • Fri 10/9 – The Montgomery Book Exchange, 13 Union Street,  Montgomery, NY – $5 cover
  • Thu 10/15 – Adriance Library, 93 Market Street, Poughkeepsie, NY – No cover
  • Sat 10/17 – Mudd Puddle Café, 10 Main Street, , New Paltz, NY – $5 cover
  • Tue 10/20 – Half Moon Books, 35 North Front St., Kingston, NY – $5 cover
  • Tue 10/27 – Art Bar Gallery, 674 Broadway, Kingston, NY – $5 cover
  • Fri 11/13 – Inquiring Minds Bookstore, 6 Church Street, New Paltz, NY – $5 cover

The shows start at 7:00 PM and are 45-50 minutes long. There are few distractions, beyond odd electric lighting and occasional candles and autumn leaves, scattered at the foot of the stage.

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