William K. Sanford (Town of Colonie) Library

27th Annual “Day of Poet” Poetry Contest and Open Mic

 William K. Sanford (Town of Colonie) Library

The 27th Annual “Day of Poet” Poetry Contest and Open Mic will take place Saturday, November 28, 2015 at the William K. Sanford (Town of Colonie) Library (629 Albany Shaker Rd., Loudonville, NY 12211). A top prize of $200 and additional Honorable Mention awards will be presented at the conclusion of the event.

Previous contest winners include: J.J. Clarke, Roberta Waugh, Paul Genega, Judith Saunders, Frank Murphy, Kym Flemming, James Patrick Casey, Sylvia Barnard, Anne Goodwin, Margaret Black, Therese Broderick, Todd Broomhead, Serafina Whelen, Kathy O’Brien, Timothy Lake, Alan Casline, and Miriam Axel-Lute.

The day will begin with an open mic at 10 am in the library’s main community room and will be followed immediately by the “Day of Poet” poetry contest. The contest will consist of two rounds of poetry by each contestant. Poets may present up to four minutes of poetry in each round. During each four-minute round, contestants may present multiple pieces of poetry within the boundaries of the time allowed. Poets may recite their work from memory or read from paper (or electronically). The contestants will be judged based on poetic quality, overall presentation, and adherence to the established time parameters.  Most importantly, all work must be original. Contestants are not allowed to present poetry written by anyone other than themselves. This year’s judges are Bob Sharkey, Mary Panza, Roman Karpishka, Barbara Garro, Thom Francis, R.M. Engelhardt, Therese Broderick, and Tim Verhaegen.

Admission and entry are both free.  To register, email Brian Dorn at poetbriandorn@gmail.com with your name and intention of entering the “Day of Poet” poetry contest. Contestants may also register the day of the event.  For complete contest rules and continuing updates go to http://www.briandorn.com/.