New Poetry – Shane Moore

Growing up Shane Moore became interested in films and photography and eventually became a photographer. He always appreciated poetry from afar. Shane loves how poetry can make feelings that other people have more tangible when you hear or read them. He became familiar with poetry in school when he learned about famous poets like Langston Hughes, Edgar Allen Poe, Maya Angelou, and Shakespeare. But as he has gotten older he’s noticed poetry is happening everywhere in everyday life. No matter if he’s having the best days of his life or when he is down and out and all of his days are grey, each feeling has a poetic presence. And when Shane noticed that, he became interested in writing poetry himself.



black wings cloud the navy sky
constant whistles from brutal winds
face frozen. hands frigid
strange faces. unfamiliar shadows
surrounded by dangers on my daily journey
but all I can think about is…
you .



I hate you

we always come together as an unbreakable bond. a connection that brings envy from the cheerful and love from the malicious. a connection I always believed that would never be altered …

but then you change

and right at that moment , that’s when I remember

I remembered the times you avoided me . disowned me . treated me as if I didn’t matter . like I was a stranger to you . like I was nothing.

I remembered the times you made me feel as useful as shade on a cloudy day

who would have ever known a heart that was once so warm can be in comparison with the winters of Montreal

I remembered the times you made me feel empty inside.

you always put me in this dark place that I can never leave. a place where I feel stuck . a place where I feel doomed to love . doomed to ever feeling the pleasure and joy I once felt

but then you come back and your touch makes me forget everything

it’s like if the evils you once brought into my life disappeared

when we are together nothing else in the world matters but you

it might be your smile that makes me forget about the bad times

or maybe it’s your beautiful voice . my favorite melody … that makes everything better

it’s just you as a whole that makes me oblivious to the past and puts me in a state of euphoria

and that’s why…

I love you