New Poetry – Jezsire Garland

Jezsire Garland lives in Albany and is full of talent and aspiration. Her life is “utterly imperfect, but that’s ok, writing about it makes it perfect.” She loves to write, the flow of her thoughts inspire her to write, listening to music in her own space. Jezsire says that her friends inspire her the most. Garland’s brother gave her an extra push to motivate and share her writings, he says she has potential, and she would like to see how far her potential takes her.

If I Was A Painter

Even the stars burn, fall, shoot across the sky.
If I was a painter I would paint my way for you to be with me
If I was a painter, I’d paint a sunset for us to lay under
I’d give anything and everything for you to paint with me
Happiness and sorrow with every beat of my heart
I’ll paint my heart around yours to keep it secured from hurt
I’d give my last breath to this piece of paper where my brush continuously paints my love for you
This canvas will be the first last of everything
The answer to every prayer, I’ll even paint the heaven gates, my angel
I’ll paint 999 kisses and save the best for last
The one I dream of, I’ll paint sheep for me to count as I sketch out your arm for me to lay on
You are everything
In one painting, the giver I wish to be, the hand I hold
You are as famous as Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet
As they painted,
I paint what you yearn for
I paint what you wish for
I paint our everlasting long memories (even though we have more to make)
When you come around I’ll paint the butterflies that flow through my chest to my stomach
A striped blue crow butterfly, so dark with a twinkle of blue

I’ll paint the town for you


Junior Survivor

The toughest among us can survive
It’ll leave too much distance
It’ll crash and leave evidence of my love
It will feel like heartache
It will make you crazy but yet so sane
The understanding between two people can be so different
As I retrace the memories and all the times I lost love
I want you to be that one to say
“Smile babe, I’m here to stay”
I want it to feel like my last
Last time to figure love out
Last time to give in and give out
I want real lies, to realize and see your real eyes
I an everlasting hopeless romantic can see what you yearn and deliver with no hesitation


My Dear

And then theirs you, you are trouble when you come around.
I get so lost in my head all I hear is that one sound. thump.
My heart trapped in your soul because it wants to be no where’s else but with you.
You, you can be my supreme dream, the dream I have every night.
But maybe it’s just déjà vu
Theirs something here to hold on. Can I hold you?
Can I just listen repeatedly to the thumps of your heartbeat match mine?
Your ability to intoxicate me, dig inside of me,
Pain is pleasure, the pleasure to see, hear, and touch you. I must say.
I adore your presence “my dear”.

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