Teresa Marta Costa

Sunday Four Poetry Open Mic Featuring Teresa Costa

Teresa Marta Costa

The summer is coming to an end so that means the Sunday Four Poetry Open Mic series is starting at the Old Songs Community Center in Voorheesville. We recently posted the 2013 – 2014 schedule of featured poets and hosts Dennis Sullivan, Edie Abrams, and Mike Burke are ready to begin the new season on Sunday, September 22 at 3:oo PM with Teresa Costa.

Here is a little more information from the hosts of this great series:

Sunday Four Poetry Open Mic starts its SIXTH [sic] season Sunday September 22nd. Hard to believe.

Come on out at 3 pm to hear Teresa Costa read from her latest work CREATURE COMFORTS. All the way from the great burg of Hurley, NY. Ever been there? It’s edenistic.

Teresa always has a unique twist on reality and the human being’s perception of it from a hundred different angles. And she might just bring them all.

All open-mic readers may present three short poems, two medium, or one semi-long but no Mac Flecknoe. A note of caution: some folks last year were getting a little windy.

Afterwards we always repair for food and spiritual cheer to the POETS’ CORNER at Smith’s Tavern a dozen houses or so away from our reading space.  This is an integral part of the event—good cheer and conviviality.

This month’s Poet of the Month is Edie Abrams with her intriguing “SCHRODINGER’S CAT.”

If you are new to this round world of ours, you might like to check Smitty’s out on their relatively new website – http://www.smithspizza.com/smiths_tavern_poets_corner.html


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