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Cin(e)poem and a Poetry Class at The Arts Center

The Arts Center

The Arts Center of the Capital Region has announced a couple of new and exciting programs that they have coming up this fall. The first, “Cin(e)poems”, combines writing with graphic design, video, collage, and more to bring your visual poetry out. That is followed by an advanced poetry class led by local poet Victorio Reyes.

Here is more information on the the classes:

Cin(e)poems: Visual Poetry

Tuesdays 9/10 – 10/1; 6pm – 9pm

The mixing of mediums and messages in the last 150 years has been particularly well served by the melding of visuals with poetry. For those interested in enriching their writing through graphic design, video, collage, animation and/or illustration this course will introduce you to the idea of visual poetry and inspire you to create your own. All levels of experience welcome. Instructor John Coogan has received numerous accolades for his Cin(e)Poems including the Kenneth Patchen Award, finalist in the National Cin(e)Poem competition, and numerous screenings including MoMA, the Museum of Art and Design, and others.


Advanced Poetry

Mondays 10/7 – 11/11; 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Don’t let the word “advanced” scare you! While not for beginners, if you are familiar with writing and reading poetry than this class is for you. Great Poet’s like Lucile Clifton, Mos Def, and Sylvia Plath attained their success through dedication to their craft and a deep understanding of the work of other artists. This course will expand your understanding of your own craft and highlight the importance of poetic analysis in improving your work. Students will explore various forms of poetry, practice writing in these forms, then develop manuscripts that will be written and revised throughout the course. Taught by Victorio Reyes (