New Poetry Slam at the Parlor Cafe in North Adams, MA

Poetry Slam at Parlor Cafe

Poetry slam is coming back to Western Massachusetts tomorrow night, March 28. Host Christian Phiffer has traveled all over the Northeast and has seen the resurgence of poetry and spoken word and decided to start this monthly slam series at the Parlor Cafe (303 Ashland Street) in North Adams. As the show progresses though, he will be moving it the third Thursday of the month.

After a lengthy hiatus your local monthly slam has a great opportunity to become what it always dreamed of being. With more amazing voices than ever, the need to give these voices a place to shine has overwhelmed me. I’d like to consider myself an advocate for poetry and poets, and I’m excited to be able to host and do my best to bring those amazing poets to a North County location.

If we have a good turnout and North County wants it, this slam will continue in following months as a Third Thursday event.

What Is A Poetry Slam: A poetry slam is a competition among poets, judged by audience members selected at random on a 0.0-10 Olympic style. The highest and lowest score will be dropped and a maximum of 30 points are awarded to each competing poet. Highest scoring poets move on to the second round. Combining scores will determine a 3rd place winner, with the highest 2 poets moving to a head to head 3rd round to decide a winner.
We encourage the heckling between the audience and judges, as well as cheering when you and a judge feel the same for a poem or poet.

Cheering, grunting, clapping,, yelling “preach!” and all forms of supportive ‘call-and-response,’ in the middle of a poem is considered part of what make slams fun and entertaining, and it’s encouraged everywhere, even Nationals.

So join us for a great night of amazing talent!

And now the fine print…

This will be a CASH SLAM!

Sign ups will open at 7pm. The slam will start promptly at 8pm (provided no difficulties)

This is a 3 round, 14 poet slam. 8 poets will move on the second round, with combined first and second round scores deciding a 3rd place and moving 2 poets to the finals in a head to head for 1st place.

NOTE TO ALL POETS: Bring 3 ORIGINAL poems. There will be a 3 minute time limit with a 10 second grace period, after which you will be deducted a 10th of a point per second over. NO props, NO costumes, NO musical instruments, No nudity!

NOTE TO ALL!! There will me a $2-3 suggested donation at the door to help PAY THE POETS, with bartering welcomed. (In other words if you don’t have $2 bring something creative that will benefit the grab bag gifts given out).