“Angels and Pinheads: A Guide to Which and What’s What” by Frank Robinson

Frank Robinson

Local poet and writer Frank S. Robinson has just released his new book of essays, commentaries, book reviews, and more, Angels and Pinheads: A Guide to Which and What’s What.

Here is more information about the book from Frank himself:

My new book is Angels and Pinheads: A Guide to Which is Which and What’s What. In 226 pages it packs 146 entertaining and provocative essays, commentaries, book reviews, etc., on a wide range of topics, skewering numerous sacred cows. The entries are selected from my blog, The Rational Optimist (http://www.rationaloptimist.wordpress.com).

It’s published by Verity Press International at just $9.95. For more information and ordering details please go to http://www.fsrcoin.com/a&p.htm

My previous book was The Case for Rational Optimism, published by Transaction at Rutgers University. “A wonderful book!” says Steven Pinker.