RM Engelhardt at UAG

Another End of an Era… The Saint is Taking a Break

RM Engelhardt at UAG

Last week we held the last Professor Java’s Wide Open Mic and this week we have news that the Saint Poem Reading Series at the UAG on Lark is on a hiatus until at least January 2013 starting with tonight’s edition of the poetry open mic.

Host R.M. Engelhardt posted the following on Facebook this morning, announcing the series break:

“Needless to say this months edition of Saint Poem at The UAG has been cancelled. We usually do our yearly tribute to Poe but due to many problems this month, illnesses etc we are putting our reading series on a short hiatus. Look for its return in 01*13!”

Like he said, this means that the long running Poe Tribute reading will not be happening this year. Rob has hosted the event for many years as a benefit for a great cause, the Albany Damien Center, a community center for individuals and families living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Last year’s Poe Tribute / Halloween event, “The Raven”, at the UAG featured readings from Thom Francis, Josh McIntyre, Engelhardt, and a few other local poets.

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Here is a look back from Dan Wilcox’s blog about the event in 2009, “ALL HALLOW’S EVE, A RECKONING: The Tribute To Edgar Allan Poe”, at the Fuze Box that featured performances by A.C. Everson, Mary Panza, Murrow, Terry Bat-Sonja, The Black Heart Contingency, Joanna Brown Flynn, John Weiler, Jason Dalaba, and Dan Stalter.

The Saint Poem Reading Series has been a fixture in the area for the past couple of years as Engelhardt has been hosting the event as a way to “bring poetry back to Lark Street”. R.M. was the host of the very successful poetry open mic at the old Lionheart (where Bombers currently is located) in the 90’s.

But fear not local poetry lovers, R.M. later added, “New things a coming, featured poets, writers and more! As for our Poe Tribute? Poe was a mystery so look for his work to be read in various locations in Albany this month! Remember The Poem, Remember Poetry. Saint Poem will return soon!” He also reminded us that the first issue of The Literary Rogue will be released on the website at the end of October. So be on the lookout for more news from Engelhardt in the coming weeks.

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  1. Thanks to Thom & Albany Poets,

    Please Look For “The Saint Poem Reading Series” To Return Come January 2013!
    New Readers, Featured Poets & Writers As Well As A Few Surprises, Also, please check out The New Online Magazine “The Literary Rogue” As Well As The Book Launch Party Of My New Book “THE RESURRECTION WALTZ” Coming Out In The Near Future As Well.

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