MoHu 2012

10 Days of MoHu Kicks Off Today

MoHu 2012

The second annual MoHu Festival kicks off today all around the area with close to 150 regional arts and cultural organizations coordinated several hundred events including performances, exhibitions, gallery openings, and lectures. Organizers say that MoHu 2012 will offer attendees a wide array of experiences and unique collaborations.

The MoHu festival raises awareness of the diversity and quality of the arts within the region; the areas bordering the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers, and the region within 50+ kilometers of their convergence. MoHu is helping to foster collaboration and cooperation between the area’s thriving arts communities.

Since the inception of the festival last year there has been some confusion about MoHu. Luckily our friends at Nippertown recently tried to figure it all out for us.

In a nutshell, the MoHu Festival (the name is derived from a contraction of Mohawk and Hudson) is not a “festival” in the same way that you might think of a festival like Mountain Jam or the Williamstown Film Festival or LarkFest. As far as we can figure out, the MoHu Festival is basically an umbrella marketing plan to help raise awareness (and attendance) for artists, musicians, venues and arts organizations throughout Schenectady, Albany, Rensselaer and Saratoga counties. The fest runs from Thursday (October 5) through Sunday, October 14, and anything that any of the participants present during that time frame becomes part of the MoHu Festival.

Make sense? Good. You can read more of Nippertown’s explanation here.

Like we said, there are a lot of events and venues involved. For more information head over to the MoHu website for all of the events and venues.