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A New Challenge From The WordXWord Festival

word x word

The poetry scene in Pittsfield is heating up as the summer season is upon us. The folks over at the WordXWord Festival sent along information on their new idea to keep us writing new poems all year.

WordXWord Festival 2012 logoWe had so much fun with 30/30 we thought we’d try keeping things going – albeit at a slower pace – by throwing out a prompt-a-month. You’re invited to play along.

Here’s the deal. Each month we’ll throw out a prompt on or around the 1st. You can do with it what you want – use it, pass it on, throw it away…but for those who are so inclined, we encourage you to show up on open mic night at the Writers Room (2nd Tuesday of the month) and share your work. Can’t hurt and might even be fun.

For those further away, or who aren’t allowed on a school week night, you can submit your poem and we’ll post it on the 30/30 website for others to enjoy – or compare and contrast to their own.

You can even do both – submit it and drop in to the Writers Room to share.

So here it is, the prompt for June – “falling”

“Due” June 12 if you’d like to share at the Writers Room Open Mic night. The Writers Room happens every Tuesday night at 8:00pm at yBar in Pittsfield (391 North Street, Pittsfield, MA) To submit via email 3030@wordxwordfestival.com

Planning ahead the annual WordXWord Festival itself, “celebrating the transformative power of words – spoken, written, sung”, is coming up August 11 – 18 in Downtown Pittsfield, Massachusetts