Poem A Day – Ed Rinaldi – the ripple boundary

the ripple boundary

insects will figure out
the hive triggers
that feed on our imbalances
and this will give them
a quantum computational
power of survival amidst
the strewn litter of our disregard
for being part of something
larger than ourselves

we might become
forever lost
versions of
onto our cells

there might not ever be
sanctuary outside of
self blessing
each individual crawl
each of our divine cries
and howls
of leaving
captured spirit
arching into the smell
our skin outstretches to
ripens over bones
readies the tide
when we become
aware that Love
is just another star
birthing its reach
back to the night sky
our light that spryly
finds radiance
is our inside burn
is each of us
being alive
and on fire
to warm
and wear

the insects will
figure this out too
and by then
how much more
empty space of ours
will they survey and chew
and come to know
the balance that
a murmuration of starlings has
and how important
it just might be
to remember
that everyone
is playing a part
when melody
to the rhythm
of a sea
poem 131 of a poem a day for 2012 (NaPoWriMo19)