NGS #13 Results – It Took a Tie Breaker…

For the thirteenth Nitty Gritty Slam, we were back home downstairs at Valentines. On this evening, we had to deal with a “less is more” situation as a few members of the NGS team were sick or out of town and some poets must not have gotten the memo that the slam was indeed happening.

What started out as a slow night ended up being one of the most exciting slams to date, as we had to go to a tie breaker round to crown the winner. But before we slammed, we had the open mic, which featured a new face to the poetry community, Deb Alder, celebrating her birthday with us by stepping up to the stage for the first time in her life to read her poetry. She was joined by D. Alexander Holiday, Leslie Michelle, and fill-in open mic host Thom Francis.

Taking over the Slam Mastering for the sick Dain Brammage was Mojavi. He did a fine job filling in for Dain in this unusual “4-4-2” edition of the slam. All four of the poets that took part in the event were no strangers to the winners circle. Kevin Peterson, Poetyc Visionz, Shannon Shoemaker, and Dan Wilcox have all walked out of Valentines with some money in their pocket during the course of this series.

Here is how the scoring went down:

Round One:
Poetyc Visionz – 28.0
Kevin Peterson – 28.7
Shannon Shoemaker – 29.7
Dan Wilcox – 27.4

Round Two:
Dan Wilcox – 27.1 (Combined 54.5)
Shannon Shoemaker – 27.9 (Combined 57.6)
Kevin Peterson – 29.1 (Combined 57.8)
Poetyc Visionz – 28.7 (Combined 56.7)

Round Three:
Kevin Peterson – 29.5
Shannon Shoemaker – 29.5

Tie Breaker:
Shannon Shoemaker – 29.1
Kevin Peterson – 29.6

For more details on the poems read and the poets who read them, check out Dan Wilcox’s blog about the event.

How will #14 shape up? Who will walk away with the fame and fortune? Come out and join us for the next installment of the Nitty Gritty Slam on Tuesday, March 20 at Valentines to find out.

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