John DelSignore

Occupy Albany: Words, January 18

I stopped in a the UAG Gallery on Lark St. in Albany, NY on the First Friday Gallery Walk to take in their exhibit “Occupy the UAG,” art from/inspired by the Occupy Albany movement. The art was compelling, varied & affordable. I bought a handmade book of ephemera by Carol Bruening, then talked to the staff about a poetry reading in the space to help promote the exhibit & support the Gallery through donations.

On a blustery January in the great Northeast about 10 people gathered to hear 4 performers. Later a few others wandered in late to look at the art. For most in the audience it was an introduction to the vibrant poetry scene here. One of the messages of the Occupy movement is to spread the idea that we are all artists creating our own lives, that we don’t need corporate media to dictate to us our thoughts, images, ideas, we will tell them what we think, what we envision. We are not receptors, we are visionaries.

I began with my poem inspired by the Occupy DC movement in October, “One Day Longer,” then “What Really Happened.”

Ed Fagen, who recently moved to the area with his wife, read a humorous, rhymed piece “Christmas Owed” (say it out loud).

John DelSignore brought his guitar to perform what could become an anthem, “Occupy, Don’t You Know,” then to cover Bobby Bare’s “Drop Kick Me Jesus.”

Albany poet Carolee Sherwood read her poems “Apiary” & “Boy Leaps from Burning Building.”

Support your local artists/performers/poets/musicians — download your own life, find the art in your community & go there.